Joinesty is an innovative way to manage the services you use to manage life―from Amazon to Uber, Gilt to Mint, even your online bank and utility accounts. My role in this project was interpretting the wires and designing a visual element that remained sleek and minimalist while maintaining the logo and color schemes.

I researched similar companies like LinkedIn, Belly, Mint and Facebook to see how their use of color and shape compliments the social functions of their sites.

Once I sorted out the direction I wanted to take, I designed a styletile to get approved by the client before moving forward with the implementations.

After the approval I took the wires, made by a team of three, and began crafting the visual look. I had a few trials that deviated from the final look but they were fun to explore a sleek white background and the wild pops of color.

The final product was described as "on point" and "just what we were wanting to see" in terms of its no frills and simple layout and color use. The client was very pleased.