Pulseband is a wristband that tracks heart rate and blood pressure. Its companion app shows the data and has extra features like medicine reminders and emergency services. I was on a small team of 4 designers and we used agile methodology and scrum boards to stay on task. We began with our UX strategy which was assembled by Lindsay.

After devising our plans, we began competitive analysis with other health apps and fitness bands.

We then conducted phone and in person interviews that informed our survey questions. Here were some of our results in graph form.

Processing the data we recieved, we were able to create and give life to our potential users. My partner in research, Lindsey Yuen, created the personas for Lou and Carol.

From having a better understanding of our users, I created an Application Map that would inform my interactions.

Using Axure, I created lo-fi wireframes,

and once Amanda implemented the visual design elements over my lo-fi wires for the app, I created a rapid prototype.

After deciding what would be featured in the app upon release, I was able to determine the future iterations of the Pulseband companion app.

I designed the marketing site for the band and the app. I began with a sketch,

which turned to a lo-fi wire and then the final product.