Salonathon is a home for underground, emerging and genre-defying art. Curated by Jane Beachy, Joe Varisco, and Will Von Vogt, Salonathon takes place every Monday night at Beauty Bar, and also in the form of residencies, retreats and partnerships beyond. I was asked to design a revamped website for Salonathon and partnered with Sayri Saurez, intern at Uptake, over the Summer of 2015.

To work out the mobile-first, I researched other landing pages that contained media and staff photos, and just started small knowing I could work my way into more content in desktop.

"Salonathon is about creating space. It’s about ensuring that inspiration has an outlet, that ideas have a landing place, and that we all have the opportunity to make ourselves seen, felt and heard." With this curatorial statement in mind, I sought to design something playful and clean to match the hand drawn icons previous made by Dav Yendler.

I created a moodbaord and a styletile for the client that informed the design myself, the dev and the client iterated upon.

We then implemented the design choices into the wires to create a mockup for the website and the mobile site.

Here are a few extra images from the final product which can be found at