VISANOW, Inc is a global immigration company that aids in the visa application process through many factors.

The company has been helping with the immigration process for 12 years but has only had in-house deisngers for less than 2 years when I was hired. My role with VISANOW was thier first and resident UX Designer, however, my official title was as a Product Designer as I lended my visual design eye to the other designer, who specialized in UI. In my time with VISANOW, I worked on nearly ever facet of this highly complex and intricate platform that had many lens' to design for. Our main focus was on busy HRs that manage up to 200 clients at a time.

The previous design for the dashboard that featured applicant's profiles was not legible or easy to find needed information. Below are the before and after designs, as well as a pdf featuring filtering and sorting features in both a list and a card view.

Another redesign is employee profiles. HRs can organzie different visas and needed the ability to manage them easily. Here is a mockup of changes that would distinguish between opened, enabled, worked on and cancelled cases.

Below are two PDFs featuring another project I did as well as the results from a session of User Testing and its' findings.

After completeing in-house User Testing, I designed our onboarding process through another start-up's app, called Appcues. They were in beta and we had a lovely experience with them.

In all, there were about 30 projects that I worked through in my year with Visanow. I'm unable to show everything, but I'm including a few of my favorites with these pdfs, to show my interaction design